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Pharmacy Negligence in Dispensing Medications 

Pharmacists are health care professionals who compound and dispense medications and who advise, educate and teach people about their prescription medications. Pharmacy negligence can occur when pharmacists are careless, or in other words, negligent. There are many professional areas of responsibility where pharmacy negligence could cause you harm. Some examples of such harm are improper medication dosage, placement of the wrong dosage instructions on your pill bottle, or provision to you of the wrong medication. 

Pharmacy Negligence in Supervision 

Unfortunately, here in the United States we have a critical shortage of pharmacists, and as a result of this serious shortage of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians are used to stretch the limited supply of available pharmacists. Pharmacy technicians, however, must be supervised by a pharmacist with no exception to this rule. Pharmacy negligence that arises out of a lack of supervision causes many medication errors each year. 

Pharmacy Negligence in Dispensing Medications 

Pharmacy negligence in the act of dispensing medications is the most prevalent and arises out of a patient getting the wrong medication or the wrong dose of a medication. Cases where it is not the patient’s mistake, and the patient is taking the medication exactly how the instructions tell the patient to take the medication, then the medication errors may be the result of pharmacist negligence. In such a case either the pharmacist or a pharmacy technician may have dispensed the wrong drug or the wrong dose, or may have written the wrong instructions for the drug. 

Pharmacist Negligence in Teaching & Counseling 

The modern practice of pharmacy has expanded in recent times into this area. In fact, many states now require pharmacists to advise patients about their medications. Pharmacist negligence in this area is now common. Pharmacists must make sure the patient understands what the medication is, why it is being prescribed, and how to properly take it. The pharmacist must make the patient aware of potential side effects, and the pharmacist must also identify possible drug interactions. 

If you are unsure if a health problem you now experience or have experienced was caused by pharmacist or pharmacy negligence, a pharmacist malpractice lawyer can assist you to determine this. You, the patient, have the right to have safe and proper medication, and if the carelessness or irresponsibility of a pharmacist causes you to suffer serious harms and losses, then you may be able to collect financial compensation for the incursion of medical, nursing and hospital expenses, lost earnings or lost earning capacity, and for any pain and suffering. 

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